Bone, Bafu, Rock, Ngeta and Bomu are five unemployed young men who live in a Nairobi slum and spend their days living off others in a life of gambling and trickery.

Their lives are dramatically transformed when in comes Nancy, a young, beautiful girl straight from the USA. In the ensuing whirlwind romance with Bone, Nancy’s wealth transforms the five youth.

It is only when his friends start dying one by one in mysterious circumstances that Bone realizes, almost too late, that all along he has been a victim of an elaborate and mysterious revenge mission.

Told against the background of the 1991 so called tribal clashes in Molo, the story examines the role of children in the conflict. It shows the predicament of the youth, who were only children then but who are now adults with questions in their mind, and anger in their hearts.

What pundits say about The Last Villains of Molo

it is highly readable and the readers can connect with the lives of real people and real places… - The Standard, February 21, 2005

This is a Masterpiece! - David Mulwa (renowned writer, thespian & Kalasha Lifetime Achievement awardee)

(The Last Villains of Molo) depicts a way both perpetrators and victims can go on living after the clashes of the 1990s and effect a partial reconciliation – Marjorie Oludhe Macgoye, veteran writer

‘The Last Villains of Molo’ is a story of hope and redemption. It is a tale of overcoming evil and planting the seeds of self-regeneration and hopefully the re-creation of a humane society - Dr. Tom Odhiambo, Nairobi University

The Last Villains of Molo by @kkombani was a splendid unputdownable read. Thank you – well written gripping and thankfully a positive end - Aly-Khan Satchu, (@alykhansatchu)


Kinyanjui Kombani

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